Aerothermal Heating

Why choose aerothermics?

Aerothermal heating is simpler to implement, especially since some sites are not suitable for geothermal energy.

Aerothermics are often used on an old house, equipped with a network of radiators, in replacement of a boiler already installed.
Air conditioning or air / air heat pump

What air conditioning is it?

Calories captured in the ambient air by the air / air heat pump are recovered by ventilation (air / air system). The air conditioning system we offer is reversible: warmth in winter, coolness in summer.

Installation of the floor heating, Haute Vienne 87
Heating floor

LISA CGC, heating contractor in Bellac (87), has extensive experience in the installation and installation of hydraulic floor heating.

Like its competitor electric floor heating, it heats your whole house with a gentle heat emitted by the ground, but in contrast to the latter, the water circulating in the hydraulic floor heating can be heated by any type of source of heat. Heat as solar, geothermal, or any other heat pump and / or boiler with wood, gas, fuel.

Solar and geothermal energy easily produce water at low temperatures and sometimes struggle to produce very hot water; This is the case of solar in the winter and geothermal all year round. The installation of a heated floor is therefore the ideal way to use, at best, this energy.

Most common tax assistance and tax credits:
Regional premiums in Limousin in the form of a “Renewable energy check” deductible from the invoice of the installer.