Geothermal Energy

Why choose geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is renewable, inexhaustible and free! It constitutes an alternative both ecological and economical to the so-called “fossil” energies, the cost of which is high and the production generating various pollution.

By choosing to equip your home in geothermal, you support sustainable development while reducing your energy bill.

Geothermal energy covers 100% of the requirements irrespective of the outside temperature, sunshine.

The performance of this renewable energy is stable throughout the year: more than 4 KW of heating for 1 KW electric consumption.

Expert in geothermal energy saving, Haute Vienne 87

In this mode of heating, the energy comes mainly from the ground thanks to a horizontal or vertical sensor.

Installing the horizontal sensor

For a standard solution on a horizontal sensor, the price per square meter is 120 Euros HT including the heat pump, the sensor and the heating floor.

For 9 KW of power, a modern house of more than 120 m², it is necessary to provide a sensor 320 m². The earth is stripped on 60 cm depth and rested on the sensor. This price per m² does not include the screed covering the floor heating or the stripping of the earth (shovel).

Expert in geothermal drilling, Vienne 86
Installation of Vertical Sensor or Drill

The sensor on the borehole is by far the sensor that we install most on our construction sites in Haute Vienne (87) Vienne (86) and Creuse (23). It is recognized by professionals for its performance, its stability and its small footprint.

It is more expensive than the horizontal sensor, but the help of the Limousin Regional Council erases some of this difference.

A vertical drilling of 100 m (Ø 156 mm) makes it possible to recover the water warmer than for a horizontal sensor of 250 m ². The performance of the heat pump will therefore be better.

Specialist in the installation of geothermal heat pumps, Bellac 87

If a source has a sufficient flow (> 2 m³ / hour), this water can be used as a source of heat.

This will be referred to as a wastewater geothermal heat pump, unlike the horizontal and vertical sensors that operate in a closed circuit.

Most common tax assistance and tax credits:
Regional premiums in Limousin in the form of a “Renewable energy check” deductible from the invoice of the installer.

Tax credit up to 45% on equipment for all renewable energies, only for the main residence. (Until 31/12/2011)
DAIKIN Expert in the use of solar energy for the production of domestic hot water

Eco-loan with zero rate. Bouquet of two works minimum; Example: heat pump and insulation.
Eco subsidy: principal residence completed more than 15 years ago (ANAH)