Solar Energy

Some roofs do not allow integration (fiber cement, steel tank); We will speak then of solar panels in roofing.

A solar collector can also be mounted on a chassis on the ground or on a flat roof. It can then be oriented ideally in direction and inclination.

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CESI (individual solar water heater)

The most widespread of solar thermal, the CESI (individual solar water heater) of 300 liters and 5 m² of panels is suitable for a family of 4 whose needs it will cover to more than 70% in our regions.

In December and January, the contribution of the sun is not enormous but as of April it is common to find his balloon at 80 ° C. When the sun heats the water without the need for an extra boiler, you do not hesitate to heat the water. At the outlet of the hot water tank, a thermostatic mixer keeps the water at the desired temperature (maximum 60 ° C).

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SSC (Solar Combined System) or Solar Heating

The SSC (Solar Combined System) is also a solar thermal. The surface of an SSC will often exceed 10 m² for a well insulated house.

In our regions, annual coverage of hot water / heating needs does not exceed 40% to 50%.

A backup is therefore necessary. This boiler can be supplied by a boiler gas, fuel, wood, a heat pump or an electrical resistance.