Traditional Heating

Traditional heating: 30 years of experience

Lisac GC Energy has always been a professional in the heating of Haute Vienne (87), specialized in the marketing, installation and maintenance of all types of heating.

We guarantee to our customers, a lasting accompaniment so that you are certain of the good quality of our heating installations. It is this proximity and our seriousness that have made the reputation of our company.

Artisan expert in boiler maintenance, Vienna 86
Oil and gas condensing boilers: Guaranteed efficiency

Combustion results in formation of combustion products. The gas or oil condensing boiler recovers the heat contained in the water vapor and is released by the combustion products to return it to the heating circuit.

It allows an improved efficiency and a reduction of consumption which can exceed 30% in the case of a heating floor.

DAIKIN Expert in gas and oil condensing boilers

This heating technology makes it possible to achieve calculated yields of more than 100%.
It is therefore an investment that is immediately profitable thanks to energy savings.