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Lisac GC Energy is specialist in heating since 1978. Initially a classic heating contractor, we entered as early as 2004 in the field of renewable energies. Lisac GC Energy has now become one of the best qualified specialists in the generation of renewable energy for your heating and well-being, in partnership with recognized manufacturers in the field of green energies.
Our team of plumbers specialists in the field of new energies put at your service its know-how and technical skills in the following areas:
Geothermal Energy Heating Aerothermics Sanitary.
Company specializing in green energy, Bellac 87
We have equipped more than 100 homes in geothermal and solar hot water.
Opt for a solar water heater: hot water production is supplied to more than 70% by solar thermal panels.
In addition to this energy saving, you will benefit from the regional premium and a tax credit.
The installation of a geothermal heat pump requires drilling. LISA CGC finds the right place for drilling.
For an optimal and long-lasting installation, our team of Haut-Viennois professionals of geothermal energy advises you and finds for you the solution adapted to the typology of your habitat.
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